Kaleidoscope House (kaleidescope) wrote,
Kaleidoscope House

My second email to AT&T

ANNIE has an iPhone now. Why don't I have one? Because they canceled my order for one and didn't tell us. Which the guy on the phone said was because we used my card and not the primary account holder's card. Except that when I just now, after talking to them on the phone with Annie and then spending all this time yet again trying to set up a new line on the account and order a goddamn iPhone with it, used her card, it promptly canceled the order again. At least it told us this time.

I swear to god I am going to punch everyone there in the fucking crotch. I am. I hate them. I hate them so goddamn much. I just know that when I finally talk to them about it, they are going to be all "Ohhhh, we canceled it because you aren't allowed to order the iPhone for [yet another reason that totally contradicts everything else I have been told]."

So far, I've been told, in no particular order and in various combinations:
  • That iPhones are only for brand-new customers
  • That refurbished iPhones can only be purchased in the AT&T store (which does not carry them)
  • That refurbished iPhones can only be purchased in the Apple store, and that they come at a much higher price there
  • That refurbished iPhones CAN be purchased in the Apple store, and that they are the same price there as they are at AT&T ($99)
  • That I can get a refurbished iPhone when I am a few months closer to my current contract running out
  • That I can get a refurbished iPhone when my contract fully runs out in August
  • That I can get a refurbished iPhone when I qualify to upgrade my phone at the end of April
  • That they'll be happy to let me upgrade a month early because I was mugged and that's why I need a new phone
  • That they'll be happy to let me upgrade early but it'll cost me $75
  • That I can get an iPhone by adding a new line, signing up for the 2-year contract and iPhone with THAT line, and just waiting out the contract on my current line for $10 a month
  • That I can get an iPhone for the new line as soon as I use Annie's card to order it so the information matches what they have on file

    And on and on and on.

    So after I placed my order tonight, I tried to call them to be like "And I demand that you ship it to me using overnight shipping." But apparently if you call the mega-multi-national after 9, you can't talk to anyone. So I sent them an email via their website outlining the situation, and all the shit I have been through trying to get a damn phone, and demanding that they fix it. And then I had to write them this follow-up....

    Are you guys kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I just sent a lengthy email about all of the hurdles I have gone through over the past month just to set up a second line and order a new phone with you guys.

    In my email, I stated that I had finally successfully placed that order. Then I went to my inbox to see if att.com had sent me a copy of my email. It had not. What it HAD sent me was an email TELLING ME THAT MY ORDER HAD BEEN CANCELED.

    This is an improvement over the LAST time I tried to place an order via your site, when it was canceled without any notification to me and I had to find out it had been canceled by waiting around literally all day for the phone to be delivered, for nothing.

    However, it is not acceptable that my order keeps getting canceled. We were told that it was canceled the first time because we had to use a card to place the order that matched the information of the primary account holder. Fine; so I used the primary account holder's card, the one she has paid her half of the bill with forever, with her permission. And yet, it got canceled, with no clearer information than "Unfortunately, we were either unable to verify the information you provided or you have exceeded the number of lines of service that we allow customers to purchase online."

    All we are doing is adding a third line to our account. That doesn't seem excessive. And I CAN'T call you or go in to an AT&T store to order this phone, because the refurbished iPhone is evidently only available online. Of course, maybe that's incorrect - I don't know what is true or not anymore about AT&T, because I've spent over a month being told wildly conflicting things about ordering the iPhone by literally every single one of now 9 AT&T representatives I have spoken with.

    I am THIS close to closing my account. I don't care about the $175 fee. I don't care about anything except either finally having a working phone again - which I haven't had since I got mugged in February - or being far, far away from the insanity that is AT&T. The only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that once I HAVE the phone, I won't have to deal with near-constant misinformation and chaos from AT&T any more. I don't know what possesses all of you to make getting any kind of service with you a living hell!

    The cherry on the sundae: their website has twice told me that I will "shortly" get a confirmation email telling me when I can expect a response from "Customer Care", and not once has one appeared in Annie's inbox - which is where it should go.

    They really are fucking dreadful. It's like, any individual person who I reach on the phone does a really good job of doing their best to help me - which is not how they used to be - but apparently AT&T as a whole has the worst website ever, and does a horrific job of training their people and giving them consistent information. I want to stab each person who works there in the ass with something sharp, starting with the CEO.
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