December 14th, 2011

brian kinney

And then our house blew up

I was going to go on about this, but I think the email I sent just now covers it. Only addition: Seriously? Does this rental agency only handle properties owned by slumlords? Let's see... random cabinets are hung backwards, the bathroom doesn't vent (the only ventilation is a window over the bathtub, so you can't have it open when anyone's actually using the shower or bath or toilet) so the cheap cabinet in there has absorbed so much water over time that it was warped when we moved in... which makes its door hang crooked... for that matter, the baseboard is warped behind the toilet, which CANNOT be good... the walls were moldy or mildewy in the bedroom next to the bathroom when we moved in... they didn't clean the inside properly and they left a neatly collected pile of glass on the ground in the tiny backyard.... OH, and my favorite, all the blinds are either breaking or broken and one set that had been URINATED ON (by an animal) was on the floor in the back (moldy) bedroom when we moved in. (Or was that curtains? I think that was curtains, in which case we've since washed them in scalding hot water.)

Subject: Serious problem with the wall heater at [address redacted]

The pilot light went out. Not a problem. But when PG&E came to re-light it last night, they noticed that somebody (not us) had re-wired the heater at some point to disconnect the vent auto-shut-off. The PG&E guy fixed it and stated that usually this is done when a heater is not venting properly, in order to avoid having to do the work of making it vent properly. He warned us that if that was the case here, the heater would shut itself off automatically when it wasn't venting enough rather than when it got warm enough. In fact, now it doesn't even come on.

It's freezing; can somebody please fix the heater ASAP?

Also, there's a gadget plugged into the wall in the kitchen that Shane had thought was a carbon monoxide detector, but PG&E confirmed that it wasn't - it's the doorbell. I thought I'd better pass that on in light of the heater problems and the upcoming carbon monoxide detector laws for rental properties. I guess that for multi-units it doesn't kick in until January of 2013 though.

Thank you!

It's missing the air of quiet menace that I had wanted, but perhaps that is for the best.